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     With the avalanche of books being published every year , and the thousands upon thousands of authors clamoring for your attention, I am truly grateful that you have decided to visit my site.
     You are one of more than 30,000 people to visit my website since its inception and I sincerely hope you find something here worth your time.
     My mission is to write clear, direct, and emotionally honest fiction and poetry which is entertaining, accessible, and which, though rooted in experience, transcends the personal and touches upon universal themes with some relevance to everyday life.
     I have published three chapbooks, Along the Highway, Terminally Human, and In the Maze.
     The 2015 Lascaux Prize Anthology, which I am in, has been released, and both the kindle version and the paperback are available at Amazon. To view book, please click here.

I am excited to say that five of my poems will be included in the next issue of sixfold, an all-writer-voted journal open to all. Their free e-books reach 9000 + readers per issue and their free online issues reach 40,000 site visitors per year. The issue has been released.. Paperback issues are available for about $10. To visit their website, please click here

My short story Race is Just not Important to Me was shortlisted in the equality contest sponsored by Brilliant Flash Fiction. To read the winners and shortlisted stories, please click here.

My poem "Blessings" was recently featured on Your Daily Poem. To read the poem, please click here.

Please browse the site and if you like what you read, I hope you will consider giving one of my books a chance to justify its only reason for existence.
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Barry W. North
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