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     With the avalanche of books being published every year , and the thousands upon thousands of authors clamoring for your attention, I am truly grateful that you have decided to visit my site, and I hope you will find the time you spend here worthwhile.
     Have you, like so many others, given up on poetry as a viable reading option because much of it seems like unintelligible gibberish?
     My mission is to write clear, direct, and powerful fiction and poetry which is entertaining, accessible, and which, though rooted in experience, transcends the personal and touches upon universal themes with some relevance to everyday life.
     I have published two chapbooks, Along the Highway and Terminally Human.
     My third chapbook, In the Maze, will be published by Finishing Line Press. It will be on pre-sale on their website between May 12th and July 11th, and will be released on August 22nd, 2014. I hope you will consider buying my new book. To look at the proposed cover of the book and to read reviews by established authors, editors, and poets who have previewed the book please click on the appropriate links in the column to the left. Thank you.

Please browse the site and if you like what you read, I hope you will consider giving one of my books a chance to justify its only reason for existence.
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Barry W. North
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